Finally, An AI-Powered Automation Platform That Researches, Designs and Publishes Mugs For You On Autopilot!

Don't Know What Phrases To Use?

Just insert a Niche and a Tone and get up to 100 original phrases written by our witty AI Phrase Writer in seconds!

Don't Have The Time To Design Hundreds Of Mugs Every Day?

You don't have to! Simply paste in the phrases that you want featured in your designs, pick a mug style...

and you're done ! ONE CLICK it's all it takes to create up 100 mug designs!

Using GearBubble?

Then Mug Samurai will also create every mug inside your GearBubble account on autopilot...

No extra clicks or katanas (credits) required!




We Know The Struggle...

YOU KNOW that you need to be producing WAY more mugs that you're currently creating... but don't have the time to do this full time!

You have seen the results of other people... but you don't have the money to hire a team of designers and VAs like they did!

You've been sold on the idea of getting free traffic from Amazon or Etsy... but after months of hard work the sales are not coming!

You have heard that getting free traffic from Amazon requires a minimum of 10,000 mugs... but that would take you YEARS of work!

How are you supposed to come up with the tens of thousands of phrase ideas that you need to get you business off the ground anyway?

You've been promised a part-time "lifestyle business"... but you've been working your ass off for months with no results to show for it!

The Missing Piece Is


Use our proprietary-trained AI Phrase Writer to craft original phrases targeting ANY niche in a matter of seconds!

Did I mention that you can specify the right tone for your phrases? ("Funny" and "Sarcastic" are my personal favorites!)

Leverage our state-of-the-art design algorithm to convert those phrases into simple, highly readable designs crafted with the best converting fonts in the print-on-demand industry.

Mug Samurai can create up to 100 text-based designs in less than 20 seconds!

Forget spreadsheets and all that tedious manual work!

Simply set up a Publishing Template ONCE and let Mug Samurai create your listings' titles and descriptions... and even include keywords and tags automatically AS PER YOUR INSTRUCTIONS!

Did you know that creating 100 mug listings on Gearbubble can take as much as 10-12 hours of work?

The good news is that you can create 100 mugs in a single Mug Samurai project...  and scheduling a project on Mug Samurai takes less than 20 seconds!

Got your own designs you want to use? We've got you covered!

Now you can use our Project Upload feature to get Mug Samurai to create your mugs using your own designs (or your designer's)!

Want to automate the process of pushing your listings from Gearbubble to Amazon, Etsy or your Shopify store?

You can use our Amazon, Etsy and Shopify Push Automator integrations to take care of that part too! *

* Please notice that our Push Automator platform requires a separate subscription

All It Really Takes Is

3 Fully Automated Steps:


Phrase Research

This used to be one of the most time-consuming tasks for every print-on-demand business owner.

NOT ANYMORE. Simply name a niche and a tone of voice, tell it how many phrases you want written, and voila!

Want more? Just repeat the process! 

It takes less than 5 seconds to schedule a phrase writing project, and all your phrases will be waiting for you in the "My Phrases" section from where you can download them or send them straight to our AI-powered Bulk Mug Designer in one click!


Phrase Design

Even simple text-based designs take time to create. On average, our customers were spending up to 12 hours to create 100 designs manually.


With Mug Samurai all it takes to create 100 designs is picking a font face, a font color, and an optional background image... Then simply click the "Schedule Project" button and you're done for the day!

Your new designs will be ready in less than a minute!


Create The Mugs!

If you're using Gearbubble as your print-on-demand supplier, you don't have to do anything else...

Mug Samurai will proceed to login to your Gearbubble account on file and take care of uploading the designs it just created for you creating each individual mug, writing titles and descriptions for you, and adding tags wherever needed.

It even inserts keywords in your listings' titles and descriptions for a great out-of-the-box SEO!

Outstanding Quality!

Sounds Great But...

Can Upload My Own Designs?

You Betcha!

In case you have your own designs you'd like to use on your mugs, you can use Mug Samurai's new Project Uploader feature to get those designs automagically converted into mug listings inside your Gearbubble account!


Push Automator For Amazon, Etsy & Shopify!

How would you like being able to push your entire project -up to 100 mugs- from Gearbubble to Amazon, or Etsy with ONE CLICK?

Now you can integrate our Push Automators for Etsy, Amazon or Shopify right inside your Mug Samurai's projects!

Note: Push Automators require a separate subscription.

Seeing Is Believing!



No need to spend hours every week sourcing phrases from the Internet anymore!

Now you can get completely original phrases in any tone of voice and niche written for you at a click of a button!


Take a handful of niche phrases and a list of hobbies, professions or activities and let this amazing tool expand them into literally THOUSANDS of niche specific phases ready to send to the designer!


Just paste up to 100 phrases into the software, select a mug style, change font face and font color if needed, and click the "Schedule Project" button. Mug Samurai will create all these designs for you in a matter of seconds!


In case you're printing Quotes on your mugs, Mug Samurai comes with a special Quote Mode that will separate the quote from the author line and format each one independently for great looking quotes!


Using Gearbubble? Let Mug Samurai create every mug listing for you on autopilot, including uploading the designs, writing titles, descriptions and tags, and completing all the step in the publication process!


Have your own designs you want to convert into mugs?

Simply use Mug Samurai's Project Upload feature to get all your mug listings automatically created on your Gearbubble account!


Forget about having to fill up spreadsheets with your listing information like most other tools require!

Simply set up a publishing template ONCE and let Mug Samurai do the rest!


Make your designs look even better by adding an image background to your projects!

Mug Samurai will use this image as a fade-in background in all mugs inside the project!


Mugs designed & published on autopilot


mugs pushed to amazon on autopilot


man hours saved for our customers!

Pick Your Plan Today!

Senpai Plan

Only $99/mo

For new entrepreneurs that just

want to get their feet wet...

  • 400 Katanas (Design Credits) Every Month!

  • 400 Al Katanas (Al Writing Credits) Every Month!


  • Download and Use Your Phrases and Your Designs ANYWHERE!

Features Included:

  • AI-Powered Bulk Phrase Writer

  • Automatic Bulk Phrase Designer

  • Automatic Bulk Quote Designer

  • Custom Phrase Splitting

  • 7 High-Converting Font Styles

  • UNLIMITED Font Colors

  • Publishing Templates

  • Pricing Templates

  • Bulk Keyword Insertion

  • Phrase Expander Tool

  • Custom Listing Descriptions

  • Automatic Mug Publishing To Your Gearbubble account


Supported Gearbubble Products:

  • Classic Coffee Mugs

  • 2-Tone Coffee Mugs

  • Metallic Coffee Mugs

  • Color Changing Coffee Mugs

Sensei Plan

Only $199/mo

For entrepreneurs ready for

some serious business building...

  • 1,000 Katanas (Design Credits) Every Month!

  • 1,000 Al Katanas (Al Writing Credits) Every Month!


  • Download and Use Your Phrases and Your Designs ANYWHERE!

EVERYTHING in Senpai plus:

  • Design Background Feature

  • Create Mugs With Your Own Designs & Publish Them To Your Gearbubble account

Supported Gearbubble Products:

  • Classic Coffee Mugs

  • 2-Tone Coffee Mugs

  • Metallic Coffee Mugs

  • Color Changing Coffee Mugs

  • Tumblers 20oz

  • Tumblers 30oz

  • Travel Mugs

Shihan Plan

Only $299/mo

For entrepreneurs looking to take

their business to the next level..

  • 1,600 Katanas (Design Credits) Every Month!

  • 1,600 Al Katanas (Al Writing Credits) Every Month!


  • Download and Use Your Phrases and Your Designs ANYWHERE!

EVERYTHING in Sensei plus:

  • Left Justified Text!

  • Custom Margins in your designs!

Supported Gearbubble Products:

  • Classic Coffee Mugs

  • 2-Tone Coffee Mugs

  • Metallic Coffee Mugs

  • Color Changing Coffee Mugs

  • Tumblers 20oz

  • Tumblers 30oz

  • Travel Mugs

  • Shot Glasses

  • Wine Glasses

  • Camper Mugs


Our Customers Love What We Do For Their Businesses!

Just an aside... after 5 months with MS Shihan, I'm now over 10,000 listings, several thousand still in my queue, and I haven't even played with the phrase expander yet, or alternate mug styles.

I'm sure it would have taken me 3 years at the rate I was going before I started with MS.

I'm still waiting for the Amazon magic to happen, but the goal was to be well-positioned for Q4.


Dave Russo


Happy St Patricks Day Leonardo Schwartz, I hope all is well where you are.I am still uploading hundreds of MS designs from GB to Amazon ( 20 at a time).

I am enjoying MS for these simple word mugs (LHS) but still have to do my designs to stay creative.

When I first started with GB Amazon around 3 years ago I spent thousand$ of dollar$ on VAs (at one time I had 6 PT VAs) to put up thousands of designs quickly to AMZ. If only I had MS then.


Richard Hill


I love Mug Samurai!

I have created like 700 mugs from the system and then after I upload the newly created mugs (within minutes on Gearbubble) into my Etsy draft section of my store it only takes me about 3 minutes for me to upload the listing and mug into my active section in my store and VOILA 700 MORE mugs are now in my store!! Now I’m up to 872 mugs!!

Thanks Leonardo Schwartz!!I


Amanda Bridges


I went from creating about ten mugs per week to 100 in my first day using MugSamurai. Now I can concentrate on content instead of being bogged down in process.


Colin Michael


I've never seen another program that did anything like this.


Adam Schneider


To be honest Leonardo, if I had not met you, I probably would have given up. You are the reason why I keep going because at least I feel like there is a chance. Before that, no way!


Cheryl Thomas


Mug Samurai's designs are compatible with your favorite print-on-demand suppliers:


"Why Do I Need This?"

You can of course do all the work involved by hand, no doubt about it. And if you're a professional designer and you're buying ads to promote your products, this is might be worth it.

But if you're trying to get free traffic from e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy, it's a known fact that you'll need THOUSANDS of products to put the algorithm on your side.

Creating thousands of listings is a full-time job for a team, but many people starting out don't have the means to pay the full-time wages of a team. That's why I decided to build Mug Samurai.

For a more in-depth explanation I recommend you read this article, or even better, attend this training webinar.

"Do I Need To Use Gearbubble to use Mug Samurai?"

Not at all.

Every time you create a project inside Mug Samurai you'll be provided with a zip file with all the designs the software created for you, so you can use them with any print-on-demand supplier of your choice.

If you use Gearbubble however, Mug Samurai can also automate the process of creating your mug listings for you!

"Do You Offer Annual Plans?"

Yes, of course! For a huge 30% OFF in our annual plans use this special link and the coupon code 30PERCENTOFFSPECIAL

"Does Mug Samurai Push My Mugs To Amazon/Etsy?"

No. Mug Samurai only creates your mug designs and, if you're using Gearbubble, publish them to

In order to push your mugs from Gearbubble to Amazon, Etsy or Shopify you'll need to a subscription to Gearbubble's Amazon, Etsy or Shopify Marketplace Integrations.

These integrations will allow you to manually push each listing to these marketplace from inside your Gearbubble's Drop-shipping Dashboard.

"Can The Push Automators Automate This Manual Process?"

If you have access Gearbubble's Amazon, Etsy or Shopify Marketplace Integrations but don't want to spend 8 hours every day pushing to push less than 100 listings, you can get our Amazon, Etsy or Shopify Push Automators to automate the entire process.

Each one of this is an independent app that you need to subscribe to separately, but they integrate nicely inside Mug Samurai and allow you to preview each listing inside your projects, decide if you want to push that listing or now, and then send all listings to the Push Automator with a single click.

Each Push Automator will take care of login into your Gearbubble account every half an hour or so, and push each individual listing to the selected marketplace on your behalf.

Additionally, as they work 24/7 all year round, you'll get more than 3 times more products in your Amazon/Etsy inventory that you would by dedicating 8 hours every day to this task! (Who wants to!)

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