•  Build multiple passive income streams with the most in-demand POD product on Amazon: Coffee Mugs.
  • No inventory orders needed, EVER.
  • Best quality mugs, completely produced in the United States. Quick delivery to your customers, inside and outside the US.
  • Produce UNLIMITED new products with copy-and-paste ease… thanks to the only end-to-end MASS MUG DESIGN & PUBLISHING TOOL in the market.
  • No need for designers, VAs or outsourcers of any kind. Just copy & paste your list of phrases/quotes inside Mug Samurai, click the “Schedule Project” button, and you’re done!
  • Save THOUSANDS of dollars every month on outsourcers, and build your Amazon catalog AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!
  • Get free traffic and sales from Amazon (HINT: you’ll need to add 1,000-2,000 mugs to your catalog every month to get Amazon’s algorithm favor… but now you can!)

Q: Do I need extra training to use MS?

With NO Inventory Orders, NO Ads, and NO Outsourcers!


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20 Seconds

Mugs Designed & Published!

Success Rate

Average Time To Schedule a 100 Mug Project!

The Most Profitable, Risk-Free Product

You Can Sell on Amazon

"Just an aside... after 5 months with MS Shihan, I'm now over 10,000 listings, several thousand still in my queue, and I haven't even played with the phrase expander yet, or alternate mug styles."

"I'm sure it would have taken me 3 years at the rate I was going before I started with MS. I'm still waiting for the Amazon magic to happen, but the goal was to be well-positioned for Q4."

Dave Russo

Choose The Options That Better Suit Your Business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this the "Low Hanging System" model?

A: People have been creating and selling POD products, including mugs, for a long time.

However, to the best of my knowledge, it was fellow e-commerce expert Rachel Rofe the first to introduce the concept of leveraging free traffic from e-commerce marketplaces, especially Amazon, to build a passive income business.

She named this business model the "Low Hanging System", as a reference to the fact that the goal is picking up just a few sales here and there, coming from free Amazon traffic, this is, "the low hanging fruit".

For this to work, you need to feed the Amazon's ranking algorithm with lots of products, of course. 

That's the trade-off of not paying for ads to promote your products, like in any other e-commerce business model.

Rachel still conducts a 90-day group coaching program called "The Low Hanging System Jumpstart", which you can find here

I highly recommend it if you have a chance to get involved.

Shihan Plan

only $299/mo!

Coffee Mugs sell.. a lot!

Look at the Google Trends for “coffee mugs”:

Watch the video to see it in action!

Rogue E-commerce Growth Hacker Turned Software Engineer Reveals...

As you can see, the demand for coffee mugs has grown steadily year on year since 2004. 

Even more, the demand -and the sales- QUADRUPLE every year from October to December!

That’s why it’s so lucrative to have thousands of mugs to choose from in your catalog by Quarter 4!


But it’s not only that mugs sell like hotcakes…

They also come with ZERO risk, since you don’t need to invest money out of your pocket in inventory!

Instead, you’ll be using our recommended Print-On-Demand company to print and ship your coffee mugs on your behalf right to your customers’ door.

These mugs are produced and printed “on-demand” in the US, with the highest standards of  quality.

And the delivery is, of course, super-fast and fully-tracked all the way to your customers (USPS).

So no need to ruin your business’ reputation with low quality, take-forever-to-ship Chinese suppliers anymore!

It’s NOT What We Say… 

Check The Proof!

This is real, undeniable third-party proof, that shows how REAL people like you and me are making tons of money RIGHT NOW, selling simple, silly coffee mugs:

WHY Does This Simple

Product Sell SO Well??

But why these dead-simple, and even plainly ‘ugly’ coffee mugs, sell so well on Amazon, Etsy and other e-commerce marketplaces?

All boils down to simple human psychology:

First of all, this is an impulse purchase

Every time you are presented with the chance of getting a product that solves your problem for $20 or less… you won’t put much of a thought on it!


But... what silly a coffee mug solves?


A few, actually…

First, you need to understand that phrase-based mugs are the perfect gift.


Because they tell the person you’re gifting it to -your friend, a family member, a colleague- that you know him/her, and know what they’re all about.

This is as “personal” of a gift as you can get… for under 20 bucks!


But not always will yours mugs be purchased as gifts… 

Plenty of them will be bought on the spot just because they touched a fiber inside the very person that found your mug listed on Amazon, or Etsy.

Because phrase-based products like this are all about self-expression. 

And everyone LOVES getting a product that tells the world how they feel, or what they stand for!

This is not just a product... IT'S A STATEMENT!


This is even more true about coffee mugs than other POD products though…



Because we carry our coffee mug with us most of the time during our working hours, and for some reason, we usually feel about our mugs like really personal items. 

Like our tooth brush kind of personal.

Especially when some of our thoughts, favorite quotes, or even jokes are stamped on them.


Finally, coffee mugs are not only the perfect way to show our friends that we think highly of them and their causes, or to express ourselves to the world… 

As a product, they also enjoy the desirable quality of being rarely a seldom item!

 I mean, you probably have more than one mug at home, don’t you?

 Even if you have some “very personal” mugs that you consider your own, and nobody else in the house uses them but you…

You probably still have more than one of them! 

3… 4… half a dozen…?

You see? 

This is what’s great about mugs: you never seem to have enough of them!

People replace mugs as soon as they break…. even when they still have a couple dozen more in store... 

…and most people are willing to add to their endless collection every time they find one they like, even if they already have plenty to go around!

No Buying Inventory… 


I know it sounds like a pipe-dream. 

But it’s true, nonetheless.

As you’ll be using a Print-On-Demand company to produce your mugs “on-demand”, this is, every time that you make a sale, there is NO NEED to buy inventory in advance.

That alone will take your risk really close to ZERO!


But this is what makes this business the only e-commerce business model that comes with ABSOLUTELY ZERO RISK: 

You won’t need to pay for ads either!


How is this possible?


Amazon is the biggest e-commerce marketplace in the US… 

…and the largest one in the world too, if you leave aside China (we really don’t know what’s going on over there.)


Sales on Amazon alone account for almost 50% of all e-commerce sales made in the United States!

Here’s the proof:

But did you know that more than 50% of the sales made on Amazon’s marketplaces come from third-party sellers?

Yeah, that one got me off base too when I first looked at these stats!

That’s WHY Amazon wants to partner with third-party sellers like you and me.

After all, that’s where most of their money come from!


So, if you have a product that sells, Amazon will promote it for you by sending tons of traffic to your Amazon’s listings FREE OF CHARGE.

In other words, this is the only e-commerce business model that comes with ZERO Stock Costs, and ZERO Ads costs!

Of course, you’re smart enough to ask the obvious question. 

“There have to be a catch!”


And, indeed, there is.


You see, the way that Amazon sends you traffic is the same way that Google sends traffic to certain websites: 

You have to rank your products high on Amazon’s search engine to benefit from Amazon’s huge traffic!


Yes, Amazon is indeed a search engine, but a very special one… 

… since only people with credit cards on hand… 

and wanting to make a purchase NOW use it to search for products!

That’s why Amazon is known as the #1 BUYER Search Engine in the world!


But just like with any other search engine, you need to rank high if you are to stand a chance to be found!


And in order to tilt Amazon’s search algorithm on your favor, YOU WILL NEED VOLUME!

Actually, this is not different from Google, or even YouTube…

If you want to rank high in those search engines, you need to produce tons of content first.  

Good quality, original content.

Amazon is no different.

But of course, the kind of content you need to produce to rank on Amazon’s search results is not videos like in YouTube, or written content like in Google… BUT PRODUCTS!

Our research has shown us that you need at least 2,000 mugs on Amazon for your listings to start getting traction.

Some of these mugs will never get ranked of course. That’s just the way it is.

Others, will sell only a few times a year -still passive income though-… 

And a small percentage of your mugs will produce hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every year… EACH.


Think of each one of your mugs like a trained soldier you send out to the battlefield...

Some of your soldiers will never make it, nor produce any results for you.

Some will make their little dent...

And a few will win the financial freedom war for you!

This is the smart way of building a passive-income producing e-commerce business… by joining forces with the largest e-commerce retailer in the world!

(Now, if you’re thinking that drop-shipping products from China is also risk free… think again!

Reality is that you’ll need to invest thousands of dollars in Facebook Ads to make that “business” work…… 

 … only to ruin your business reputation faster than a speeding bullet thanks to the crappy quality and shipping times of Chinese goods!)

What’s The Catch?

"How Much Do I Need To Invest to Produce This Volume Of Products?"

As I mentioned before, VOLUME is the name of the game with this business model. 

Of course, there exist other e-commerce business models -like combining Private Labeling with Amazon FBA, for instance- that can allow you to produce tens of thousands of dollars in revenue with just a handful of products.

But that doesn’t come without a risk… and a pretty hefty upfront investment.

To make it work, you’ll need to pay for inventory in advance -to the tone of a couple thousand dollars just to test a single product-…

give hundreds of units away to get reviews and some initial sales… 

… and, of course, pay for ads.

With this business model, on the other hand, you won’t have any of those costly expenses!

But of course, you have to be able to produce the volume of products needed to put Amazon’s search algorithm on your side… even when 99% of your products will have zero reviews!

That’s WHY you MUST add a couple thousand mugs to your Amazon’s inventory every month!


As I mentioned before, after studying many successful people in this business, I found that most started seeing sales after they had about 2,000 mugs for sale on Amazon.

And steady, daily sales, only come when you have 10,000+ mugs in your catalog.

Did you know that some people have up to 100,000 mugs for sale on Amazon?


Yeah, that one blew my mind too when I first found about it… 

But of course, these are the people that are making MILLIONS with their Amazon business!

Not a bad investment at all, when you consider that you only have to create a product ONCE

And it will keep bringing you sales and producing income for you for years… maybe decades to come!

Every little mug that you put out there is an ASSET that will put money into your pocket for years on end!

But of course, there is a problem with this business model that not many people are willing to discuss…

Producing even 1,000 mugs a month is not pocket change!

If you were to outsource this work, it will probably take 3 people, and more than $1,000 a month to produce such volume of products… 

...and you’ll be probably getting some subpar results in exchange (more on the later…)

"How Long Will It Take?"

But if you’re been in business for some time, you know that money is only half of the story…

There are more important things than money in business… 




How long will it take you to build your business if you can only afford to produce 200 extra mugs every month?

How much money will you be leaving on the table by not being able to produce 2,000 new mugs a month instead?

Even worse:

If you don’t get the right volume of products during your first 6 months in business…

… you might as well not trigger at all that part of Amazon’s algorithm that would have taken care of your traffic for free… 

… and end up having to pay for ads, or giving up on the business altogether!


But as simple as these mugs are, and quick to produce, they still take time!

How much time?

A veteran in the business, with 14,000+ mugs under her belt, confessed to me a few months ago that takes her 16 hours of solid work to design and publish 100 mugs.

16 hours!

And this is someone who has been doing this, day and and day out, for more than 4 years now!

This means, of course, that producing just 1,000 mugs is a full-time job in and of itself (160 hours a month) 

And in my experience, overseas VAs -the only ones that kitchen-table entrepreneurs like you and me can afford these days- tend to spend twice as long… 

… and still produce up to 30% faulty designs/publications that will need to be redone… 

for the simple reason that English is NOT their native tongue!

Let’s Do This Manually... (Seriously!)

But don’t take my word for it!

Let’s just do it together right here and right now… and use a timer.


If you want to do this by yourself the manual way… here’s all you need to know:

Is There A Better, More Efficient

Way Of Doing This?

For years, there wasn’t.

But last year, after 4 years of growing frustrated for the obvious advantages of this business model…

… and my personal inability to produce the volume of mugs I knew I needed it to make it work…

I finally decided to put EVERYTHING aside, and use my software engineering skills to build from the ground up the revolutionary automation technology that would make it possible.


It wasn’t easy -that’s why nobody did it before, after all-...

It took me a full year, and tons of resources and sleepless nights to pull it off…

But today I’m proud to tell you that Mug Samurai is all you need to become successful in this business...

...by producing THOUSANDS of high-quality mugs… AT SUPER-HUMAN SPEED

Mug Samurai In Action...

Look for yourself:

As you saw in the video above, DESIGNING and PUBLISHING 100 mugs takes less than 30 seconds with Mug Samurai:

First, you name your Project…

Second, you paste in 100 phrases/quotes from whatever document you have collected them in…

Third, you click the “Schedule Project” button.

That’s it!


Then you can go and continue on with your life…

No need to be slaved to your computer for 10 hours a day anymore!

In less than 2 hours, Mug samurai will have CREATED and PUBLISHED all of your 100 mugs to your GearBubble account… 

and from there, it only takes a click of a button to push your mugs to Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, or your Shopify Store.

Less than 30 seconds a day is all it takes to have 2,000+ new mugs added to your Amazon catalog every month.

 Are you seeing now the immense power I’m putting in your hands with Mug Samurai?

Of course, you can always do all of this by yourself, the manual way.


 If you want to do this the manual, “traditional way”….

...and you’re willing to take the risk that comes with being unable to create the volume of mugs that you need to feed Amazon’s ranking algorithm with, in order to move the needle in your favor… 

Then the only thing you need to do is to follow my instructions in the video above, where I showed you the entire process involved in designing and publishing a single mug.

There is no secret to it.

 Of course,  creating and uploading 100 designs will take you as much as 16 hours, as we discussed before.

 If you’re really, really quick -and if you don’t take bathroom breaks- It might take you 12 hours.


Now my question to you is….

Is Your Time Worth Less

Than $2/hr To You?

I certainly know that mine is much, much more valuable than that!


Why less than $2/hr?


That’s how much a Mug Samurai subscription will cost you, even in the most basic plan (the Senpai plan)


You see, the Senpai plan allows you to DESIGN & PUBLISH 400 mugs every month, for only $99/mo.

This is less than 25 cents a mug…

 …and about $2 an hour, if you are fast enough to to design and publish 100 mugs in 12 hours, without making mistakes… (I know I couldn’t)

(I guarantee you this though: it’ll take your VA at least twice that long!)


And of course, if you go with our Sensei or Shihan plans, your cost per mug will shoot right down…


Our Shihan plan, for instance, gives you the ability to DESIGN and PUBLISH 1,800 mugs every month, for only $299/mo. 

That's less than 17 cents a mug!

You’d Rather Get To Passive Income

In 6 Months… Or In 3 Years?

You and I know that if you can only produce 200-300 new mugs every month… is going to take you a LONG time to get results.

That’s why I have always advised any person trying to build a mug business on Amazon to shoot for 2,000 mugs a month, EVERY MONTH, during their first 6 months in business.

If you follow this simple business plan, you’ll find yourself with 10,000+ mugs in your Amazon catalog 6 months from now… and then the world is your oyster.

Only can produce 1,000 new mugs every month?


That’s ok too, but it will take you a full year to get there.

If you start NOW, you’ll likely miss out on the huge sales peak of December this year… but you should be ready for holiday season 2021.

“What if I can only create 300 mugs a month…?”

I think by now you know the answer…

Get Mug Samurai In Your Corner NOW!

Let me make it clear: I’m not asking you to take my word on how good Mug Samurai is.


What I want is to give you the chance to see it for yourself.

If you’re reading this, you most likely have invested quite some money already to make this business model work for you…. 

And if you’re reading this… you probably didn’t get the results you’re hoping for (or were promised)

I want you to have the opportunity to see this through.


The rewards are there.

You only need a smart system to reach them.

Mug Samurai is such a system.

I think you deserve to give yourself that opportunity.


So this is what I’m offering you:

>> Open Your Free Mug Samurai Account HERE 


I’ll give you 20 credits -called “katanas”- so that you can test-drive the tool and create up to 20 mugs.

You can keep these 50 mugs, sell them on Amazon, on your own store… and even download the 20 designs that Mug Samurai created for you and use them for ANY product you want.

That is my gift to you today.

If after trying Mug Samurai you find that it’s all I’ve told you here… and more…

You’ll be able to to buy katanas packages from right inside your account… 

… or go with any of our monthly plans, and save big!

You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time, get extra katanas if you run out before the end of the month… OR DO NOTHING.

It’s completely up to you. You’re in full control here. 


This is not a 7-day trial, nor any non-sense like that.

You don’t need a credit card to try Mug Samurai and see if it’s right for you (why should you?)

The only thing you need is the will to succeed.


>> Just Create Your Mug Samurai Account HERE And Give It A Try! <<

Q: Do I need to sell my mugs on Amazon?

A: No, you don't.

You can see the mugs that Mug Samurai creates for you in any venue, including your own website, your Shopify store, or in marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, etc.

You can also sell your mugs in bulk to companies, colleges, sport teams and other institutions, or in fairs, brick-and-mortar stores, or any other physical storefront.

As they say.... THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

These are just some of the hundreds of testimonials you'll find in Facebook groups from people building a passive-income producing ecom business selling this deceptively simple product in marketplaces like Amazon & Etsy!!

  • 1,800 Credits (Katanas) Every Month!
  • Automatic Bulk Phrase Designer!
  • Automatic Bulk Quotes Designer!
  • Custom Phrase Splitting
  • Automatic publishing to your Gearbubble.com account!

ALL products in the Sensei plan plus:

  • Shot Glasses
  • Wine Glasses
  • Camper Mugs

ALL features in the Sensei plan plus:

  • New font Styles!
  • Left Justified Text!
  • Custom Margins!

Q: Why does Mug Samurai requires a GearBubble account?

A: First of all, notice that opening a GearBubble account is completely free. You can do it from here.

GearBubble is a US based POD (Print-On-Demand) company. They will be in charge of printing and shipping out your mugs to your customers' doorstep on your behalf, manage returns for you, etc.

The reason why we chose Gearbubble as our main POD provider is because they have a great variety of quality coffee mugs made in the USA, and they provide fast shipping to both, US and international customers.

Oh, and GearBubble also provides you with a free online store where Mug Samurai will publish all your mugs to, ready to make sales!

Finally, GearBubble is one of the very few POD providers that has built its own dropshipping service, including full native integrations with Shopify, Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and more.

So when you're ready to expand your business selling your mugs in all of these marketplaces, you'll be able to use these integrations to automate your orders for a very reasonable fee.

(HINT: even when using these marketplace integrations is not a requirement, they will certainly save you TONS of  money in outsourcers)

Q: I bought the Low Hanging System Jumpstart... How can Mug Samurai help me?

A: So did I!

And that's the very reason why I decided to leave behind a 16-year career in marketing and copywriting...

 ...to brush off my computer science skills and get my hands dirty building Mug Samurai's automation technology from the ground up!

I love Rachel, and I think she does an amazing job at teaching the Low Hanging System business model in her courses and workshops. 

That's why I've always recommended her programs, even on this very page!

But Rachel is not a software engineer as I am, so while she has always said that volume is a key ingredient to succeed with this business model -she got her first sales on Amazon when she had north of 2,200 mugs listed- she and her team were unable to build a full automation solution like Mug Samurai to address this issue.

But having felt the pain of not having the personal time needed to create a couple thousands mugs every month...

Nor the resources to hire, train and manage a team of outsourcers to make this business model work for me....

I decided it was time to build a full automation platform that would allow ANYONE to be successful with the Low Hanging System, by designing and publishing the thousands of mugs needed to put Amazon's ranking algorithm on your side....on a budget that anybody can justify.

In case you're interested, I cover my full story with the Low Hanging system business model, and WHY I decided to build Mug Samurai in this Case Study.

Q: Do you offer any advanced training/coaching program?

A: In case you want to go all-in with this business model leveraging Mug Samurai to its full potential to build a passive-producing e-commerce business in 6 months or less...

You can now join our private Amazon Mug Business Mastermind!

Read all the details here

"Happy St Patricks Day Leonardo Schwartz, I hope all is well where you are.

I am still uploading hundreds of MS designs from GB to Amazon ( 20 at a time). 

I am enjoying MS for these simple word mugs (LHS) but still have to do my designs to stay creative. 

When I first started with GB Amazon around 3 years ago I spent thousand$ of dollar$ on VAs (at one time I had 6 PT VAs) to put up thousands of designs quickly to AMZ. If only I had MS then."

Richard Hill

"I went from creating about ten mugs per week to 100 in my first day using MugSamurai. Now I can concentrate on content instead of being bogged down in process."

Colin Michael

"I've never seen another program that did anything like this."

Adam Schneider

UNSOLICITED Testimonials

From Mug Samurai Users

A: All the training you need to use Mug Samurai is waiting for you in the members' area (HINT: MS is super-duper simple to use, so you may not need it anyway!)

Q: How does MugSamurai compare to PODTurbo?

A: It's really difficult to establish a comparison among these 2 pieces of software, since they serve different purposes.

POD Turbo is an automatic poster. 

It will post your POD designs to different marketplaces, and use GearBubble in the backend to produce the products.

In order to use PODTurbo you need to have 2 things: 

1) Your designs already done, and

2) A spreadsheet containing all the data fields POD Turbo needs in order to post each listing to GearBubble.

This means, of course, that POD Turbo only automates half of the process -the publishing part-, and not even entirely, since you'll still need to prepare a spreadsheet with all the data needed for every mug listing you want to publish.

And of course, you still need to get the designs created, which is the most time-consuming part of the entire mug creation process (and the most expensive one if you want to outsource it)

Mug Samurai, on the other hand, was designed from the ground up to be a full automation platform that takes care of the entire mug creation process for you, end to end.

The idea is simple: if you use MugSamurai to create your mugs you won't need to do anything manually, nor hire VAs to do it for you.

MugSamurai creates your designs for you -it's the only platform in existence that can do this- and  then publish each design to your GearBubble.com account (the same POD provider that PODTurbo uses) automatically for you.

You don't need to create spreadsheets to use Mug Samurai, provide a zip file with your designs, or anything like that.

On the contrary, Mug Samurai will convert every phrase that you add to your project -up to 100 at a time- into a beautiful design, and will even package those designs in a zip file that you can download in case you want to use these designs elsewhere. 


You have full commercial rights to these designs that MugSamurai created for you, so you can use them for other POD products, provide them to you clients as a service... or even use them with POD Turbo!

After that, Mug Samurai will go ahead and publish every mug inside the project to GearBubble, using the tags/keywords, base slug, price, and title template that you specified in the Publishing Template used with that particular project.

Each listing title will be unique, and MS will automatically cut them down to the 130 characters maximum required by Amazon for listing titles.

You can also instruct MS to add things like Mug Style, Mug Color, Mug Capacity and Main Keyword in any part of the titles, to make them more unique and SEO friendly. 

You only need to setup this ONCE in your Publishing Template.

As you can see, there is little to be compared in between PODTurbo -a simple automatic poster- and Mug Samurai, which is an end-to-end Mug Production automation suite.

For instance,  to produce 100 mugs using PODTurbo you'll need to create 100 designs, which will probably take you 5 hours if you're super fast (probably double that if you use a VA).

Then, you need to manually prepare a spreadsheet with all the data required to publish each listing, so 100 rows. You can do this in, let's say... in half an hour?

But you need to be careful here, because if you make any mistake at all while filling up this spreadsheet, these mistakes will appear in your mug listing once published!

How much time would take you to create these same 100 mugs using Mug Samurai?

In average... less than 20 seconds!

Not kidding! 

The only thing you need to do is to copy & paste your 100 phrases inside a box, name your project, and click the big "Schedule Project" button!

No spreadsheets, no errors, no wasted time.

Q: How does MugSamurai compare to PODTurbo? (continuation)

Senpai Plan

only $99/mo!

  • 400 Credits (Katanas) Every Month!
  • Automatic Bulk Phrase Designer!
  • Automatic Bulk Quotes Designer!
  • Custom Phrase Splitting
  • Automatic publishing to your Gearbubble.com account!

Products included:

  • Classic Coffee Mugs
  • 2-Tone Coffee Mugs
  • Metallic Coffee Mugs
  • Color Changing Coffee Mugs!

Exclusive features:

  • 7 High Converting Font Styles!
  • UNLIMITED Font Colors
  • Publishing Templates
  • Pricing Templates
  • Bulk keyword insertion!
  • Custom listing descriptions!
  • Phrase Expander!

Sensei Plan

only $199/mo!

  • 1,000 Credits (Katanas) Every Month!
  • Automatic Bulk Phrase Designer!
  • Automatic Bulk Quotes Designer!
  • Custom Phrase Splitting
  • Automatic publishing to your Gearbubble.com account!

ALL products in the Sensei plan plus:

  • Tumblers 20oz
  • Tumblers 30oz
  • Travel Mugs

ALL features in the Senpai plan plus:

  • Upload your own background!
  • Upload your own Designs!